Our Services

Main services

We offer a great deal of IT services to help get your startup idea into production and beyond!

Prototype Design

UI prototypes and working proof of concept help validate your idea, and get precious feedback from early adopters or stakeholders.

We can help you visualize your idea by designing a prototype around it.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture is the thing you can’t google, if you get it wrong it can break your whole project and cost you dearly.

We look into your requirements, analyze them, and suggest the pragmatic architecture to build.

API Design

Having a well designed API can help third parties integrate with your software solution and get better value from it.

We can help design and build REST or GraphQL apis.

App Development

Developing an app wether it is web, mobile, or desktop requires a lot of discipline and craftsmanship.

We can implement your idea by leveraging our mastery of many programming languages, web and mobile frameworks, software methodologies and industry best practices.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has its many use cases like classification, inference, and recommendation. It can add value to your service or product.

We can help you build and improve AI models, and integrate them within your solution.

Data Pipeline

A data pipeline helps collect raw data from many sources like IoT devices, process it, and then display it on a realtime analytical dashboard.

We can build a robust data pipeline end-to-end and fulfill your data needs.


DevOps is key to delivering apps and services at high velocity by owning the product life cycle from development to operation.

We can help you build CI/CD pipelines which reduces time to market considerably.

Web Scraping

Sometimes your project requires automation to collect data from the web.

We can write state of the art web scrapers which can build your datasets for you.